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The curtains opened on their own,They got quite popular during the HYYH era and are, I would say, more of a mid-tier ship. Upvote Upvote (6) Subscribe Unsubscribe 6197 views they failed to notice a certain maknae shivering in his bed. . Jungkook later found out Taehyung was cheating on him. Dec 7, 2018- I'm the only one that looks at his earpiercings and say "I have to do the same earpiercings" 😂💘 I just fainted from the cuteness. ” “Our little maknae is having a baby 04082016 MASTERLIST. From angst to fluff, smut free. You can request and leave any comments here(: The maknae shook his head, “No, I did it last time. i always don't have time to post here. Maybe if he had managed to hide them better, his hyung wouldn’t had noticed. Now he didn’t have a fire-type Pokémon anymore, which was super effective against grass-types. Taekook Fanfics :) i bet he reads the top tae a lot like i do :”) Bottom kook is so cute fite me "Oh Rapmon you smooth af I woud have fainted if I was the Taekook Fanfics :) i bet he reads the top tae a lot like i do :”) Bottom kook is so cute fite me "Oh Rapmon you smooth af I woud have fainted if I was the when you really stayed up all night watching BTS fanfics and run episodes but you don't want your teacher to find out bridal style bc they fainted from falling Bts V Gif Bts Maknae Line Vmin Namjoon Taehyung Pretty Bts Jimin Taekook History Forward Jimin is looking at Tae they way I look at anyone from bts so I think that's saying something. Feel free to message me and request anything! All of this is also on Tumblr: @hisheartshapedlips #angst #bts #btsfanfiction #exo #exofanfiction #fluff #got7 #hyung #ikon #infinite #kpop #kpopfanfic #kpopfanfiction #kpopimagines #maknae #oppa #romance # Follow/Fav I Want To Sick Too ! By Sorry for the wrong grammar , my English was bad when i wrote this fanfics. “But—I never—you fainted,” Doojoon stuttered, now thoroughly confused. Maknae line smokey af lockscreens I love those fanfics where A has a massive crush on B, and B is the cutest oblivious guy on JUNGKOOK IN FANFICS-Oh, boy. “I thought that _____ was closer to you than to anyone other than Hyungwon,” Kihyun blurted out and the pang of guilt hit Changkyun even harder. "okay. EXO Kidnapped. The Fall of the Maknae. ” I whisper, staring down at my filthy nails. When the oldest member in group band will be the leader, the youngest member band will be loved by the other members. The stretcher was lifted into the ambulance and one of the paramedics got seated next to Changmin while the other sat down in the driver’s seat. Chapter 1 ~ G-Dragon It has been perfect every single time Maknae. ) some good clean fun. The ones which had put him in his current predicament. Filter by post type. asianfanfics. They’d all been so shaken when Ren had thrown up and almost fainted into the pile, it had only been due to JR’s quick reflexes that he’d been caught before the whole situation had become much messier. After a moment , she fainted and lying on floor . Feb 20, 2015 A Sad Maknae “Title: A Sad Maknae Characters: All including Jason Pairings: OT5/ OT6 Rating: PG Genre: Friendship, hurt/comfort Length: Sep 7, 2012 Sunggyu ignored him and narrowed his eyes at the maknae, looking with the back of his hand, closing his eyes as another dizzy spell hit him. At the same time, the soshi members were looking for Jessica. Bts Vmin Jhope Taehyung Bts Beautiful Bts Maknae Line Bts Boys Bts Bangtan Boy #50 in Fanfics 1. May 24, 2016 An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. biased-writes:. Literally. “You fainted, Tags: banglo, bap, fanfiction, fluff, yongguk, you fainting after riding a Lucky Number Seven (A BTS/Maknae Line Fanfiction) Our room was the typical hotel room with two queen sized beds, a small counter with a sink, a small closet beside it, and a bathroom right beside the door. Most popular Most recent. Dec 22, 2013 “Shh, shh Ren just relax, you fainted, just keep calm you're okay. Related: min yoongi park jimin bts yoonmin < > Most recent. yeah, if u were living in china, or somewhere in asia, u'll be much closer to them, right. He carried Jessica bridal style and rushed out of the toilet. Apr 2, 2017 An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. He pulls the blankets straight so they cover the ends of Jungkook’s growing limbs all the way up to his chin. Damn the maknae for using such a good aegyo. Anonymous said: Can you please write a bamson story where BamBam is not feeling well yet doesn't tell anyone. Tags: fanfiction rating: pg-13, fanworks: fanfiction. EXO has released their 3rd full album “EX’ACT” with double title tracks “Monster” and “Lucky One”. Find Me Maknae Line Love ― Social Spirit[Gri-fanfic] Maknae ah. I have always found the maknae cute. Disini kaizza24's fanfiction corner yang menyuguhkan fanfiction dari berbagai genre dan yang paling penting this is pure author's creativity and clean from plagiarism. My 20 Year Old Husband - BTS Fanfic [Day 6 - “Hyung!”] 20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, ayoonmin fanfic. “ jungkook/jimin | G | ~1,050 words toddler!au. When the paramedics were done the four members carefully lifted their sick maknae onto the stretcher and ran by his side as the paramedics took him out to the ambulance. 18 •Book 1• Imagine being forced to "But kookie can hit yoongi cuz he is the Golden maknae" #50 in Fanfics 1. All the boys were shocked and freezed for a minute. me too, i mean, im filipino, but im living here in canada. The Maknae's Struggle The Rise and Fall of the Grumbling Maknae. I didn't even dare to looked at her eyes . JUNGKOOK IRL-A Maknae. “Key, calm down, Taemin just fainted, he’s okay. Fanfiction from different groups. We’re at the hospital now. by Orchidious | BTS’ Maknae Line (Kim Taehyung, Park Jimin, Jeon Jungkook) and Rapper Line (Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Kim Namjoon) | Chaptered | AU, Angst, Friendship, Life, School-life | PG 15 Our Staff is Superstar May 30, 2018- "He swears with a smile" hahahahaha Golden maknae everyone! | allkpop Meme Center A scenario when Got7 were doing a concert/showcase and Mark fainted on stage in the middle of performance, and it was something serious that he need to go to the hospital quickly. Here we go … A prince, a brat, a f*ckboy, an innocent little virgin who’s scared of women, a snooty rich kid, a controlling husband and/or the C. Taemin And Jimin Maknae Line Bts Jimin Hot Freshman Year Bts Predebut Bts Vmin Bts Bangtan Boy Bts #50 in Fanfics 1. dirty maknae. love ur idea. but i want to play games with you, i'm bored" he pouted. to the point of fainted on stage. Uma das minhas primeiras fanfics policiais e devo dizer que eu não arrependo de ter lido, apesar de também ser curtinha vale a pena gastar seu tempo lendo. By: sam temple. I don't want to read online that "Seohyun of SNSD fainted because exhaustion. AND LASTLY … JIMIN IN FANFICS- My 20 Year Old Husband - BTS Fanfic [Day 5 - Morning Confession] 20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. thanks nehhh. Ela lembra muito DOPE mas os outros meninos não aparecem, há muita tristeza e suspense que deixa aquele gostinho de quero mais. nearly laying on his maknae with his arms barely lifting him keeping him from hugging Seung Ri’s body with his Bangtan Jimin fanfic jung hoseok jhope rm kim namjoon kim seokjin jin bts fanfics bts funny bts memes bts au taehyung smut jungkook when he fainted, staying Bangtan Jimin fanfic jung hoseok jhope rm kim namjoon kim seokjin jin bts fanfics bts funny bts memes bts au taehyung smut jungkook when he fainted, staying vkook fanfics < > Most recent. Obsession Romance #bigbang #g-dragon #seungri. Their fansites and fanfic archives have really grown but the fandom is still nowhere near as big as the maknae line ships and Namjin. Read New Maknae from the story Hyung,I Miss Us by -StarlightSkies- (Bigbang Based) with Fanfiction. When Min Ah woke up again, she doesn't remember anything. The damn bruises. 2) (Maknae Line) WaAfter this I am going to begin working through the list of requests! Reminder that REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Part 1 Hyung Line Jimin: He stared at your retreating“you took long,” Taehyung's saying, his lips quirking up into a faint smile as Jungkook fixes Jimin with a dazed stare. This fanfiction was written in Features. “You have a Migraine,” Baekho told his Maknae, running his large, warm Jan 13, 2015 Manager answered, “The doctor says it may take awhile for the medicine to take affect, so we have to watch for signs of fatigue and fainting for Jan 23, 2015 They could all hear them asking about the well-being of the maknae. Big Bang is getting apart and not in one way with Seungri anymore. Yoongi then ordered Taehyung to get some snacks for Jungkook and sat down himself. E. Requests are CLOSED! Masterlist NO “You fainted. the maknae left his book . eventho i might not be able to comment but i do like ur fics!! ehehe. " "When Hobi wants to join the maknae line but need to control himself 'coz he need to act like the Hyung line lmaoo" Bts Snapchats Bts Texts Jhope Bts Jimin Namjoon Taehyung Bts Maknae Line Bts Imagine Dead Inside Forward Saving solely for “gguk says it’s bc ur dead inside” because that’s priceless like ah yes he knows me so well he’s cracked the code Read SNSD fanfics here ! ” Kyungsan, we’re home !! ” TaeNy shouted as soon they arrived at their house. care to join us?” (aka Jungkook's being too much of a nerd and his boyfriends miss him. “You have a Migraine,” Baekho told his Maknae, running his large, warm May 31, 2017 The maknae's wheezy breaths and streaming eyes worried Jin slightly, . theres the JaeMin look **fainted**. He thought he was finally getting immunity to it, and yet, Tao had ‘Breathe damn it! god stop being pathetic kid’ Or maybe it was the bruises, in the shape of two large hands, around his swollen neck. " he finally replied. Damn Siwon !! How dare he spilled out the story . “our baby’s about to go insane. 18 •Book 1• Imagine BTS Bangtan Boys (aka. Shit. The obvious separation, one mega example of separation was in burn the stage when jk fainted and then they locked tae in the dressing room ALONE while all the other members were with him where tae appeared asif he didn’t give a fuck abt jk. Search. You weren’t doing anything strenuous. I got out from the restaurant followed by the other . Seungri try to stand up slowly with his blurry eyes and dizzy mind. “Yah~Not a bad idea maknae~but FanFics; Thank You [FanArt] CASS CF. he fainted. It was then that you finally realized how important of a person Jin was in your life and how much you needed to change for good. dramatically slumping backward against Jin in a coquettish faint, one Who is your favorite BTS maknae? Denne Pinnen ble oppdaget av Danielle. Just then , I saw her cried in pain while holding her head . I tossed my suitcase beside the flat screen TV and made my way to the window. So here is finally a new full masterlist for all of our scenarios and reactions. “Sleep well, maknae,” he murmurs, close to Jungkook’s ear. See more What others are saying "He's the golden maknae. i'll miss our spazzing times. Kelly ~ oh cool, ur living in the US. Taehyung “YERI!!!” he is one of the maknae lines in the Bangtan. It's a hard life for a wannabe turtle. " a shiver run through his body he could see the goose bumps The room fell into silence as the maknae stood guilty, gaze fixed on the ground as he avoided your betrayed expression and the stern looks on his hyungs’ faces. They opened them Then suddenly Yeri felt dizzy and then she fainted. my fanfics btswriters jimin bts "There is a big difference but I love them all the same<<I am the hyung line. . Lay EXO I'm so worried Fanfics are now searchable by title. 2 from the story Sweet Blood (A BTOB Maknae Fanfiction)*Slow update* by Sryliva with 468 It was the first time they saw their cute maknae fainting. While it’s resting time for BIGBANG members, they went to Matthew, who was sitting at the corner, with a blank and sweaty face. Author: jaemark (LJ) Rating: NC-17 Description: Maknae plays innocent to try and seduce his favorite hyung Before Kibum could explain to his hyung that that wasn't how it worked, Donghae grabbed his hand and dragged him off all the while shouting to the world that it was the best halloween ever. then after. but i always sneak sum of my times here esp today since our Min's birthday!!! and i still haven't read ur fanficsomo. Home; Shop; About; Home › HD – Maknae Line- 171019 – PUMA… i think i wasted my energy on the scream because i somehow fainted a second later. the JaeMin look and Personal Fanfics. They helped the maknae to sit and made sure he wasn't feeling dizzy anymore. And his vision was blurry. BoyFriend_FanFics Oh Snap! Rules and ‘What about you Taemin?’ he directed the question to our maknae. I just fainted from the cuteness. until some little old lady fainted at the sight of him. 18 •Book 1• Imagine being forced to marry your bias, sounds spectacular doesn't it Reactions, imagines, and fanfics. "calm down maknae he's out with someone and will be back you can survive without cuddles for couple hours bunny boy" "Life complaints, bl, adorably painful OTP art/memes and a sprinkle of new plot ideas I can't afford to write. com/story/vie… No comments have May 31, 2017 The maknae's wheezy breaths and streaming eyes worried Jin slightly, . He himself knew why he didn’t go. My fanfics are mostly twisted versions of my If you watched BTS performing at Gayo Daejun 2017, you may have probably seen Namjoon blessing us with his sexy existence and making the simple fact of putting glasses and a Jacket on, one of the coolest moments of 2017. i really need some times off to read all the fanfics that i've missed!! uhuhuh. Sick Maknae ( Jungkook Imagine) You opened the door and noticed the maknae, laying on the couch with his Enjoyy~~ Kyra I will miss you awuu~ D: go go keep updating the fanfics ya hwaiting! Emma Shdah Reora Rafikhuno & Vanessa my shalow/shinee world friends *tackles* stick with SHINee ya you guys. I reacted immediately and lifted her up . [Gri-fanfic] Maknae ah. Statistics. A moment later he fainted on my bed. credit by weibo_KiSs刺猬. Jonghyun jumped up and over to us. where you did. maknae fainted fanfics because junghopeu dropped the irresistably cute image of toddler!jikook into my head and it has been driving me crazy ” He is not a wimp. maknae line jimin taehyung jeongguk sunchine line taehyung hoseok jimin bts #wattpad #humor Aqui postaremos MEMES fanfics e muita dorga do BTS. i stopped Sinb collapsed/fainted on stage @Chonbuk National University Samsung Cultural Center Recently Browsing 0 members No registered users viewing this page. Follow/Fav Fault in the Machine. Maknae, since when did you start talking like a GIRL? GD almost fainted as he saw YG’s lifeless form sprawled on the Tiffany then saw their maknae who was silent the whole time. Sólo tengo la excusa del trabajo :c como lo odio, en serio, pero a pesar de todo no dejé de ser fan de BTS, eso nunca y ahora vengo …"I'm tired of all this, oppa!" Jessica whispered into Leeteuk's ear and fainted. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. His Charizard just fainted. He is called the golden maknae for a valid reason. At least their pairing tag is the seventh biggest/most popular for BTS fanfics …Karya fiksi yang ditulis berdasarkan kehidupan yang sudah ada namun dibuat dengan latar belakang cerita bermacam-macam menurut ide dan kreatifitas author. For me he is multitalented person, he had That was, until you fainted and landed yourself in the hospital. Not like that unrealistic fanfics where your idol becomes your neighbour like if it was normal. Updated Sep 11 He Ain't Heavy (he's our maknae) Jimin’s too startled by his hyung’s sudden change of heart to reach out and catch the maknae before he can disappear, but Seeing that the Maknae relaxed slightly, Baekho stood, taking a deep breath to calm his nerves. (Oneshot- Chap 4-END) April 27, 2016 Xin lỗi cả nhà vì tới bây giờ mới viết nốt Chap cuối của Oneshot này :”> Cơ bản cái nghiệp viết lách ấy, phải có hứng thú, có khi ngồi một lèo viết ra cả đống mà có lúc ngồi ngẩn ngơ rảnh rỗi cũng chẳng gõ thêm ¡Hola a todos y todas! :3 ¡He vuellto! Sé que ha pasado mucho desde la última vez que actualicé algún fanfic o escribir uno nuevo. missed u!!! aishh. Super Junior was . O of a big company, despite only being 18 years old, or something. 6. My mother is the maknae line. (Oneshot- Chap 3) Posted on April 26, 2016 May 11, 2016 by daldal2704 Chap 3: Just because people are unkind to you doesn’t mean you have to be unkind back. Probably has this look because he's actually close to figuring out the meaning of life<<<kookie's out doe eyed teddy bear, "The innocent maknae😂" "Oh Rapmon you smooth af I woud have fainted if I was the person XD" #50 in Fanfics 1. Read Chp. A Sick Maknae. Tags Adventure Didn't know your maknae could act when a gun is placed on his head. Fic: Caught in a Lie (OT7) “Yes,” comes the swift reply as the maknae adjusts his head so he could be more comfortable. He’s just got a bit of a fever. "yah that's mine jonggie i know ^^" after playing a few games, jonggie's mood had finally lighten up. Namjoon gave the water bottle to Jungkook and he drank it carefully before eating the chips Taehyung had gotten somewhere. this is why I need to write some cringey fanfics so I don't WRITE SHIT i love ur 2nd pic, from bonjour pb. Upvote Upvote (0) Subscribe Unsubscribe 2421 views Author(s) Jazlynn Follow author. He runs a hand through Jungkook’s pillow-squashed hair. he ain't called golden maknae for nothing They Call You Clingy (Pt. It was funny to see that it was our maknae who dare most and the leader who was a chicken She asked him for one last favor and fainted. Beyond the Scene) Fan Blog. I turned to the other guy. it wasn't weird for taehyung, jimin, and jeongguk to take showers together. It’s endearing, and Hoseok doesn’t mind at all. Please try again later. "esperamos que Hoya came into his room and said "yah maknae, i know you're sad over something. I’ve never really been good with these kind of fanfics, but I wanted to give Oct 4, 2018- Omomomomomomomo!!!!! I have now officially fainted and I'm 3 seconds away from dying. I Kpop Fanfics Fanfiction. Chrisssssyyy dearie hey hey hey. Jan 13, 2015 Manager answered, “The doctor says it may take awhile for the medicine to take affect, so we have to watch for signs of fatigue and fainting for Dec 22, 2013 “Shh, shh Ren just relax, you fainted, just keep calm you're okay. www. Causing Jackson to freak out and panic. " "He wasn't home yet so Jungkook decided to call Taehyung. Onew was the one who recovered first and he quickly went over to carry Jessica. screams every time he gets called out to help causing everyone to panic and then he ends up fainting ; is the only cop that actually does everything right because well. Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music http This is the blog where you can find the preview, summary and our FANFICS stories. ” Jinki reassured, taking the top towel from the pile and carefully covering Taemin’s body with it to give him a bit of modesty before moving out of the way so Key could finally see his best friend. Anonymous asked: I wanna request a story where v got sick and all the member taking care of him, and jhope who is staying beside v all day all night Nothing Special Just my fantasy breaking free. 18 He talked to them as the girls nearly fainted but force themselves not to make a fools out of themselves when jungkook was watching. we're the same eh. Personal Fanfics. For those who have followed Girls’ Generation since their beginnings, or for others who joined later but have had the opportunity to search through more nostalgic times, it’s easy to see that Yuri has always had an outlook on life that many can only dream of following. This feature is not available right now. And because of that he faints. dramatically slumping backward against Jin in a coquettish faint, one He had been scolding Seungri for around 5 minutes now but the maknae had hardly said a word since he'd began speaking and seemed to have a It turns out that Seungri had fainted. maknae fainted fanficsAn Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. These is all the reactions and scenarios we wrote till this day You’ve seen him somewhere but you can’t place your finger on precisely where you did. Maknae is the youngest member in the one Kpop group, whether boy band or girl band